Having difficulty solving your macromolecular structure?

BioMEX Solutions can help!


We provide access to a network of  MX solution experts and software developers who can assist with any or all stages of the data processing and the structure solution procedure, including:

  •  Data processing

  •  Phasing

  •  Model building

  •  Refinement

  •  Completion

  •  Validation


Why use BioMEX Solutions?


As an academic researcher you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • BioMEX gives you the chance to maximize the potential of your X-ray data, both in terms of the chances of successfully interpreting the data and producing the most accurate model that the data will allow for
  • It can take a typical structural biologist up to six months to learn the necessary skills of crystallograhic computing required to solve a structure. Having your structure solved by our experts frees up the valuable time of your research staff to concentrate on the biological problem that the structural data is required for 
  • We can give you an advantage in terms of time and chances of success over your competitors. Don't get scooped!
  • All of the processing results and data will be provided with a clear presentation of how the structure solution was achieved, giving your research staff the benefit of our experts knowledge, a valuable educational resource
  • We can give you the best chance of getting a result from those stubborn data sets that have sat on your hard disk drives for years and have up to now resisted all attempts at producing a solution
  • If you wish to use our service as part of your next research proposal we can provide all necessary details and quotes for your grant application
  • We guarantee that your data will be treated as confidential 


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