Our pricing scheme consists of an upfront non-refundable fee and an additional charge per hour for the work done by our structure solution experts:


  • £200 non-refundable fee to be paid at the time of data submission – this secures our services and allows our experts to conduct preliminary checks on your data.

This fee is now reduced to £0 for a limited time only!

  • £150/hour.  Users specify which stages of the structure solution process they would like. Depending on the complexity of the structure the time required and thus the cost will vary. However, based on current processing times we estimate the following costs per stage:

a) Data processing:

b) Phasing:                      

c) Model building:

d) Structure completion:

e) Validation and assessment:







Please note that these are estimates only.


Work will be carried out by our experts up to a maximum of £3000. Any work beyond this amount will only be conducted with your permission.

Please be reminded that our upfront fee to request our services is non-refundable. Once the requested services have been agreed by both parties, your institution is protected by refund warranties as specified in our Terms & Conditions. 

Please read fully our Terms & Conditions for the Supply of Service


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